Jim F

I need a miracle prayer as I have many problems that dont seem to have a solution I have prayed for others and seen miracles and now I ask for prayer for me
I always promise St. Jude that I will encourage devotion to him so below are some testimonials
This is a testimonial. I once worked with a woman who was customer service in the office. I used to give her rides to work as her older card broke down and she was saving up to get a newer one. She finally bought a newer car and all ws fine as she would drive to work herself at that time. One night she ended up having a stroke and was paralyzed on the left side of her body. It was so sad for me to see this as the woman could no longer drive her car as it had a clutch pedal that required the use of her left foot which was not operative. She would get rides to work with her niece who would bring her in the building in a wheel chair and the woman had a walker. I went and did St. Jude prayers for this woman. I sent a donation and prayer to the National Shrine of St. Jude and gave the woman a healing card, that I signed came with the prayer package. The doctors said if this woman does not fully recover in 3 months she will be like that for life. A short time passed and she came in driving her husbands vehicle which was an automatic transmission and did not require the use of your left foot. She refused the wheel chair as her niece went to get out of the vehicle and struggled walking in the buildimg with a walker. She sat at her desk and left the office area as she hung on to the wall to go back into the warehouse. The next say I could not believe what I saw! the woman drove into work in her new car and the stroke was completely gone.
From that time on I did the St. Jude prayers for others and seen miracles. I heard of a young man going blind eyesight come back. A marriage restored a dog with Chronic Kidney Disease be healed one year later at the vet appointment. And the list goes on. These prayers work and are miracle prayers in times of hopeless situations.

Thank You Lord Jesus and St. Jude for prayers answered.