I want to share some testimonials. I prayed with St. Jude many times in my life for others. I sent prayer requests here to the Shrine each time
I have seen or heard of miracles for those I prayed for
I seen a broken marriage be restored
My mom had a spot on her lung and it vanished
I know if a young man losing his eyesight and his eyesight came back like a miracle
I prayed for a man who had lumps on his liver and it turned out to be harmless
I prayed for a woman that had a stroke paralyed on left side and was in a wheel chair and right afterwards she was was completely healed
I prayed for a man’s dog that was terminally I’ll with chronic kidney failure the when he took the dog back to the vet a year later the kidneys were back to normal
There is nothing impossible that God cant do with these prayers
Thank you Lord Jesus and St. Jude for prayers answered