I want to share testimonials…I know a woman who’s husband came down with COVID 19 and was in intensive care. His one lung collapsed and then they found another infection in his chest. She said he had a tube placed but then a smaller tube but all stayed the same. She is Christian and is not familiar with the Catholic teachings and such. I told her I was from Catholic origin and I would do a special prayer for her husband. I told her how I did prayers and seen a lady get out of a wheelchair after a stroke and the stroke was gone, I heard of a young man loosing his eyesight and I prayed and his eyesight started to return to normal which doctors said was not possible. My Mom had a spot on her lung when she was still alive and I prayed and the spot vanished. I prayed for a mans dog that had chronic kidney failure and a year later at vet check up the kidneys were normal.
Anyway the man with the COVID stayed the same for weeks and I posted prayers here, at the National Shrine and did my own prayers and he recovered.
Thank you Lord Jesus and St. Jude for prayers answered.