Dear St. Jude, please continue to heal my father from cancer. Please continue to make all his scans and checkups good and that everything in his body is stable. Please do not let cancer spread in his body. I fervently pray for long life and more strength for both my mother and father. I also pray for my mother’s health that she will be free from any sickness. Please make all her scans and checkups good. I pray that she will never have cancer and any serious illness. I also pray for myself. Please bless me also with good health and long life. I have little children who needs me and my family. Please make all my checkups and scans good. I pray for long life to be blessed upon me. I also pray for my husband, my siblings and their children, and my children. May all of them be blessed with good health and long life too. Please do not let anyone in my family have cancer. Continue to keep us all healthy and safe always. I also pray for my work. Please bless me financially. I’ve been spending too much of my savings and I really need to replenish my bank account. I do not know how I can help my husband from all our expenses and for me to be able to save money again. Please lead me God to the right path where I can make money. Please help me from all my fears and worries. Please help everyone on this site who are struggling, suffering and waiting for miracles in their lives. Please help us this 2024. Please guide us and protect us always. Thank you so much. Amen.