Gideon Petau

Thank you Abba Father and Most Holy St For you are great and blessed and the patron Saint of impossible cases .
Dear St Jude’ I praise Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit you are special with the causes .
I come before with my humble request that through your intercession grant me the job with ESPA ICT Manager so that I can work and support my kids and wife Naomie.
And also I ask you to soften the mind and heart of Naomie Kasi so that she may see the love I have for her.. Bless her and lead her and Attalia our daughter back home to me… Lord Jesus by your love and mercy install in her a change of mind and she may find peace with me.
Bless our kids with your protection and wisdom and knowledge to love the Lord .

I ask this through the most sacred heart of Jesus and Mary.. Thank you and offer this to you Most Holy St Jude’ and Mother Mary restore my family and job.