Please hear and grant my prayers . I’m begging for a miracle my husband gets the transfer he is desperately waiting for. We are in needed of a financial blessing, watch over my husband. St. Jude, please please help me and my husband We feel so alone fears. I worry constantly over mine and me family’s health & finances. I literally worry for him he is constantly worrying during all his waking hoursI am exhausted seeing him feel this way. he has apnea and not sleeping The constant anxiety sometimes triggers health problems. I feel a constant black cloud hovers over me. Please send me a sign everything will work out, please a miracle for him to get the signature he needs and asap transfer . I pray for All in the Prayer Circle that their prayers be answered if it is Gods’s will. Thank you St.Jude for the promise to always have faith and know that God, Mama Mary and all my angles inspire me to have faith that everything will turn out for the best. I’m begging you hear my prayers send me and my husband a miracle. I am forever thankful and grateful for you. Amen