Dear Saint Jude I pray for all the intentions of this community Circle may our Lord grant their heart felt Intentions I pray that our Lord also grant my heartfelt intentions please pray for my son Andre who is currently detained facing an unbearable situation
in his life at this time please pray that our Lord guide him on the correct path, direct him, give him mental clarity, wisdom and knowledge to better himself and to live a life in God‘s ways. Please pray that our Lord get him back on track that this deviation that he took he has learned from And will lead him back to our Lord. Please pray that my son Triumph through this darkness and difficult time he is experiencing , that our Lord lift up his spirits and that the Lord illuminate his days and nights that he give him peace, strength, hope, faith, and humility. Please pray for me his mother, who also feels this great darkness and suffering. May our Lord shower us with blessings and graces and soon lift these unbearable crosses that we are carrying at this time. I pray for all of and may you all may receive the Lord‘s blessing in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen… God Bless you! Thank you, Elizabeth