Holy Saint Jude, compared to some of the prayers I read below, my prayer is not even worthy of your blessings for their need is far bigger and better than mine . But with all my unworthiness and sinfulness , I am bowing and kneeling in front of you begging for my selfish wish. You are the saint of miracles and hope. You have helped me multiple time. Please help me this one more time. Make Alex fall in love with me with sincere feeling of love, affection , attachment and liking in his heart for me. I know what I am asking for is not a righteous wish but I can’t help it. Please Saint Jude , fix everything that’s gone wrong between us and heal whatever is hurting us. Bring us more closer to each other and rekindle feelings of love, passion, romance and affection between us and make our feelings pure and sincere for each other. I promise in your name to not break his home neither break mine but I have never felt like this before. So I beg of you to have mercy on my soul and reunite us with heart in your name and Lord’s name. Please fix everything between us and make it better than before.