Desperate Mom

Dear blessed St Jude, please protect and safe guard my very fragile and vulnerable second daughter from all harm.
Please let the best thing for her happen dear lord as per your wish regarding her higher studies, her soul mate who is legally single who is yet to be found, her coming to live in thus country where ger sister and me are living.This is an expensive decision lord so please please I plead with you to make right decisions. I will be putting all my savings for her higher education .
Please lord she desperately needs help and please lord ONLY you can her and her trauma to ho away.
Please let her forget her miserable childhood, youth and all her hatred towards me go away somehow..
Please let her be able to pass her ielts exam with top marks and get the best Msc for her to get a good future job and life happen and stop depending on me for money and other needs .
Please urgently send your powerful miracles to save and help us to sort this big mess I.e. my second daughter and give me sanity.My husband , her step father is having Cancer and I am also unwell..please let all her evil friends go away and let her come into your path as per your guidance lord. I am surviving because of my prayers to you.
Let the girl get a grip and see reality and do the right things. Please give her emotional and physical strength to somehow get visa to this country and come and join us.
Please stop the apartment association people stop attacking her and us and their non cooperation to our needs.because they all happen to have perfect family life and we are a broken up family with this girl living single and bringing her friends etc. Please let them all be kind to the less fortunate and stop this attack and contempt behaviour.
Please protect my daughter from making further wrong decisions regarding her choice of men.
Thank you for her breaking up with the earlier no good one. Please lord let her meet her soul mate ASAP who is single and legally free to marry and is financially stable.
Please I plead with you dear St Jude to intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to urgently come to help my dear daughter in all her needs and keep her protected from all evil and danger.
Thank you for all your favours to her and me dear St Jude. Prayers to all in this circle and beyond.