Please St Jude intercede on behalf of my sister (Mercia) who is ill since July and the doctors have not identified the real cause of her illness, she had her thyroid glands surgically removed but that has not healed her problem. She is now on medication for reflux (acidity in the stomach) and had plenty of blood tests, MRI, Ultrasounds, Catscans and is seeing a Specialist, Speech Pathologist and is due to see a Neurologist soon. She is unable to eat any Solid foods due to coughing bouts and discomfort in her throat and nothing seems to be helping her and is very stressed and worried. St Jude you are the patron for impossible cases and we beg your intercession in identifying the root of the problem and for the right treatment to be administered by the doctors, guide them St Jude with the help of the Holy Spirit and ask Our Lord Jesus to intercede for nothing is impossible with him. Thank you St Jude as we have faith in your powerful intercession and in Jesus and Mother Mary.