Dear St Jude please heal baby Clara who is 6 months old from VA with liver cancer and desperately needs a liver donor, without which there is no hope of her surviving. Please come to her aid as you are the Saint of Impossible.
St Jude please help my Son, his wife and daughter get back home from the UK to Australia on 15 August and arrive in Perth, Australia on 16 August. Please let their flight not get changed, delayed, postpone or canceled booked for the 15th August and let the airlines not hike up the fares which are already paid for. Protect them on their travel and keep them safe and not be infected during the flight and when in hotel quarantine. We beg your help St Jude as you have never failed us, please do the needful, we pray, hope and trust in you and Our Lord Jesus.
Please heal all the cancer sufferers and the Coronavirus patients. Hear the prayers of all the people’s intentions in the prayer circle and heal them. Thank you St Jude, Jesus, Mary and Joseph with all the Angels and Saints.