Dears St. Jude

Dear St, Jude, Mother Mary, St Joseph, I start my new job on 4/24. I pray to God that this will be a beautiful experience and powerful learning experience, and an easy joyful and peaceful learning experience, please!!!! I have had a lot of horrible experiences in Corporate America. Plesse with gratitude bless over my job stability, and may I learn my job easily and comprehend the task at hand ,fast. I’m also praying for a calm but very knowledable teaching trainer. I will learn at the expert level. I’m praying over my manager Melissa and the director Maureen and the trainers and my peers whoever im working along side with. I pray I have any “”NO”” issue’s, only a peace of mind and a lot of genuine support and some great training! Favor and Peace over this new job experience and position. Rebuke and Bind, any lays off at this company during my stay.


P.S. St Jude, Im praying the most Powerful prayer over my Clothing Brand for little girls BGC please Bless me with the seed monies to get my Clothing Brand off the ground and running ,I created this back In 2006 the people love love my clothing brand. Please hear my prayers for a large lump sum of seed money!!


In Jesus’ most powerful name, amen 🙏🏼