Dearest St. Jude, Mother Mary

Dear St. Joesph,

I’m crying out for Help today. I had a 2nd Interview with PHL Real estate corporation for a foreclosure specialist position. I pray St Jude that I get the remote position. I pray you intercede before GOD on my behalf please. My Savings account is running low. God the Father I know you didn’t get me this for in life to let me go. You said you will Never Forsesake me. Please hear my cry out to you today. Please give me Triple for my troubles. Omg Iam trying so hard…. I submitted to you Father God….. I pray that the Month of September will come in with nothing but GODs Favor and Grace on my finances and Health. A plethora of Jobs offers are coming ,I claim it in Jesus most Powerful name 🙌🏽 🙏🏽

Please ask God on my behalf for Favor, my saving account money is running low. Please 🙏🏽 Father God I place this position in your hands today.

Before the month of September is out. I will have a plethora of job offers with a lucrative compensation Package and a great benefits package with a very low deductible. Please God don’t go on death ears, please hear my my cries to you Ol Lord.


In Jesus’ most Powerful precious name amen.