Dearest St Jude

Dearest St Jude and St Ralphael 💖 I have been through it and back in my love life omg my last relationship was horrible! , I’m over 40 now and believing that the love of my is out there somewhere! Please St Ralphael as I cry out to you I deserve the very best when it comes to love what I have come across in my life with love wasn’t love it was Broken spirits that came into my life! Never again, St Ralphael please Bless me with a love partner who will honor our love forever with honesty and integrity and accountability. Who will be very Nurturing and healing to my soul, Who is ready to love and healed mentally. Who is God fearing! I pray they come from a solid foundation like myself. I rebuke and Bind a Selfish spirited lover, I rebuke and Bind a Double minded mentally ill spirited lover, I rebuke and Bind a Sabotage spirited lover I rebuke and Bind a Lying Tongue, deceitful, manipulative spirited lover. I rebuke and Bind a Back stabbing Betrayal spirited lover, I rebuke and Bind a Jealous envy spirited lover. I welcome a lover with a pure heart and a healed heart whom is ready to love and take the love to the next level. After we’ve bond. May my future Life partner be as beautiful inside and just as beautiful on the outside, I pray there physical beauty is from the heavens, St Raphael remove any love blockages out of my life forever. Iam opening up my heart this time for my Life partner ♥️ This time around I will be getting married with healthy children I pray a most Powerful prayer for my very own healthy family: Asap… St Ralphael my faith is HUGE I believe you will Intercede on my behalf please give Triple for my troubles in my love life. For every tear I cried I know God and Mother Mary and St Jude thaddeus and St Anthony. Will hear my prayers in Jesus most Powerful name amen 🙏🏼 ❤️