Dearest St Jude

Testimonies: That new job I prayed for 11 days ago. I got the call last Friday that I got the job! Glory God St Jude, St. JOESPH, Mother Mary, St Rita, St Anthony. Listen, you all these prayers work, and the Saints hear you!! FAITH. you gotta have it…. Gratitude. Now I’m praying that this new career opportunity will be stable with NO LAY offs of any kind ST. JUDE!!!

I’m praying over Melissa, the Hiring Manager, and Maureen, the Director I pray St Jude Mother Mary, St Joseph, St Anthony, St Rita that we have a very Postitive warm working Experience together and the Trainer, I Rebuke and Bind a Micro-Managing spirited Manager or decieving spirited Manager or Manipulative spirited, Double minded lying tongue Manager or Sabotage spirited manager or Backstabbing spirited manager. God grant me Grace over this position, may I learn it very fast there process and becomes expert level!! The trainer I pray they’re very patient with me and very knowledgeable but knows how to train, St Jude, Bless me with a beautiful spirited trainer and Management team. I pray I learn alot here at this job

In Jesus’ most powerful name, amen