Querido San Judas,

Our help in our desperation and hopelessness, I am coming to you to ask to pray for a miracle for me. They are going to send me back home if I don’t land a job in a week. I have been rejected many times and today I managed to send out more applications. This is truly desperate as I have no money, not even for my airfare. I have nothing more left from my money. I am not married to my partner so I have no right to stay here unless I land myself another job here. I pray for a truly big miracle, to save my desperate cause. I need to make a living for my family. I have spent my money because what my partner is earning isn’t enough so before I managed to spend for our daily needs together and that put a huge hole in my bank account. I desperately need your help. I am asking everyone in the prayer circle to please pray for me and may the Lord bless us all and keep us and hear all of our prayers here. St. Jude please pray for us.