cathy lynn

Thank you beloved St. Jude for your healing, help, blessings and intercessions. I am devoted to you my patron saint. St. Jude, thank you for healing me so I could truly enjoy Christmas day. Thank you for healing my organs. St. Jude, I pray that Z is completely healthy, that his wrist and ankle are healed and normal. I pray he arrives here this morning in good health, free of disease and ailment. I pray this is a healthy, safe year for my boys and loved ones. I pray my husband and I have a wonderful trip this month, and stay healthy and safe. I know I can look to you for help in times of trouble and pain. Thank you so much for all you do. I love you. May God bless you always. I receive the blessings and gifts of God with a grateful spirit. In Jesus’ name I ask it, Amen. The Novena never fails.