As you know, I have been praying to you to help Tony D. to move out of our deceased brother’s (Jonas) house on 65th St. For 3 months after Jonas’s death in May, 2021 Tony said he had another place to move into, but each month he would change his mind. Last September we terminated his verbal agreement with Jonas. Again he kept promising to move out but changing his mind at the last minute. We didn’t want to evict him during the cold winter, so we waited until April to formally evict him. At the July court hearing he promised to leave on Aug. 10. When we called him on Aug. 3, he said he could only move out on Aug, 13 & 14. Tony has problems keeping his promises and is taking advantage of us. Please help him live up to his promise to move out by this Sunday, Aug. 14, and hand over the keys to Tomas on Monday, Aug. 15.