prayers. Please pray for my daughter and my grand kids. Pray for their protection from evil, danger, violence, all kinds of abuse, sickness, viruses and disease. And put them in a place of confidence and happiness.Give them the power to discern good from evil and right from wrong. Protect them from bullying and put a huge edge of protection around them and myself. Give us wisdom in all things daily, help my grand kids with their school work, so they will excell and be leaders, be with them guide them also help them channel their emotions and if they’re ever disappointed or angry with any circumstances,or situations to use their words to express themselves. Protect them during this challenging school year .Pray for their provisions of all their needs and myself as well. Pray for their continued good health and normal healthy development.God will recieve all the glory.Pray for my daughter’s health give her the will power to make healthy choices. Let her understand the danger of eating sugar and carbohydrates and help her cut it out of her lifestyle and diet, please help her lose weight by making this decisions to stop eating , bread,rice, pasta ,sugar to protect her health and stop being stubborn regarding this. Let her stop being dependent on any substance and not use it as any coping mechanism.. Pray for her discipline with her finances and that she will be able to budget effectively. Also give her confidence to rise above and detatch herself from loosers. And surround her with god fearing people that positively support her. God will receive all the glory . Pray for my continued good health , healing of every organ and cells in my body,also my eyes health.Increase finances and income to take care of all my obligations and still be able to be a blessing to my daughter and grand kids.Pray to stop everyone dead in their tracks trying to steal my properties and those who stole my information that they must also be stopped dead in their tracks. And they must replace all I have lost as a result.Pray for restoration of health , finances, family. Long healthy and prosperous life for me, my daughter, and my grand kids. God will receive all the glory .Pray all of this in Jesus mighty name. Amen! Amen! Amen!,