Our Lord Jesus, son of the Father, and through the intercession of St.Jude,St.Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary.please pray for me as independent Real Estate Salesperson which do not have fix monthly salary but only obtain money out of commission for every Sold-Out property. Lord God, I need guidance and more blessings and help me find ways, on how to find a potential investors that will trust me and every property that I am going to offer to them without any doubt. pray for the condominium unit of Helen Rai & Bir Rai. let me be the one to sold-out this property in Jesus mighty name, and the other properties I am selling online. Lord God, I accept you as my redeemer, my deliverer and my savior, which is why I come to you, and ask for the forgiveness of all my sins,negligence and transgressions of my past life. Lord God, I Trust in You, please listen to my prayers and let this happen. In Jesus name, we pray,Amen.