please let my daughter find her soul mate or let her go back to the fiancee she rejected ..if that is your wish lord..
please let her get an Engineering job and not leave it now and make any career change to become an artist.
Please let her get over her college boyfriend who dumped her on her birthday and ruthlessly married another girl recently.
Please let my daughter see the reality and stop being a feminist and become a realist and stop her liberal progressive atttitude and her evil artists friends who is scaring her from getting married and settling down with family which she wanted to do.
now she is saying no to the gpod boy,no to engineering field , no money .
please guide her lord in the right path.
Please protect her from all dangers evil people and all accidents while cooking in the kitchen and driving her Scooter .
Please send your powerful miracles to save her from self destruction and save her lord.
Thank you lord for all the favours to her and family. amen