Blessed St Jude,, I thank you for all the favours to me and my family ( I thank you especially on my daughter’s behalf)
Please rejoin my daughter’s who has physically and mentally seperated from me by lot of misunderstandings and by my son in law and his mother and my ex husband i.e. their father.
Please let the misunderstandings and the poison go away from my daughter’s minds and let them know and value that i have sacrificed everything and taken care of them both as a single parent begging around for everything. Let them see the reality of my suffering and sacrifice has made me the bitter person I am today.
Please let the teal culprits in ruining their lives come out and please let them both stop blaming me for all the bad things that has happened to them.
Let my daughter start to appreciate and be thankful in words and deeds to her step father instead of to her manipulative real father trying to spoil things.
This misery , fighting is going on for years now. Please put an end to this misery lord.
Please let all be able to forgive and forget and come together and be nice and supportive and beneficial to each other.and let the poisonous ones be punished and stopped from making any further damage..
Please request you to send your powerful miracles to save us all from these self destructive non progression attitude. Desperately seeking your intercession to Jesus Christ our saviour and Lord in this terrible frustrating maddening situation. Please heal us all St Jude.from our miserable past deeds and allow us to move ahead as a family supporting each other.
I pray for all in this circle and out of it..
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to me and my family..