Dear blessed St Jude please protect bless and guide my second daughter in the right path .
Please let her stop her addictive habits which is ruining her .
Please let her stop at once the public display flaunting of  her affair with a  married man with 2 children ( who has no relationship with his wife for years before my daughter came into his
My daughter is extremely insecure girl coming from a broken family.
Please the married man is a known person to me and it is all very shameful for my family.
Please let my evil neighbour and his wife NOT attack her in anyway. Please let your mighty power  STOP all attacks on her from all sources.
Please let them be just good friends and let him support to calm her mind , get her out of her addictions and bring her into God’s path and belief which she had lost .
Please let it be all for good and end well.
Please let her not be in danger .
Please let your wish lord, for her come true . Let the best happen to her. Please do not let any man break her heart again.
They all are dangerous people with no mercy. My daughter has no family, no money nothing. She is all alone in the native country.
Please give the right solution for this problem urgently lord.. Please let my daughter meet her soul mate, who will be a single man status to love, to marry and have family of her own at once lord . Her age is right now to have all this it is already late. .Please urgently come to my help to resolve this problem urgently. Please send your powerful miracles to sort out this issue and save us all.
Thank you for all your favours to her . Amen