Dear blessed St Jude please protect bless me, my advanced cancer patient husband , my fighting daughters .
Please give me some peace of mind lord and to my warring 2 daughters..
Please stop the fight with my nurse daughter which just started put of the blue. It is about my tiny broken down little apartment in my native country. I had given her gifts almost equivalent to the price of apartment for her wedding.
I said i want to give it to my second daughter after my life time and the first one has stopped talking to me.
Its all very painful for me and my cancer patient husband. Who are struggling to survive.
In my native country my younger daughter is going around with a married man with 2 children. She has become a stranger to me. Please intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to protect me my daughters from getting seperated like this taking wrong decisions which end in fights and especially my younger daughter who is struggling to survive.
Please help her urgently ..Please let her meet her soul mate to love marry and have family of her. Please let her not fall into wrong people.wrong hands.
I am completely lost now and broken to pieces. This family needs urgently your support and help lord.
Please resolve this huge fighting problems which is caused by covid, separated by countries, lack of money power to solve problems and needs of my daughters and no will or cooperation from my husband to make changes to his life to benefit all .He is the only one who can make any changes to our lives . But he is 76 yrs and dont changes and he is their step fsther
Because he can decide to sell his house and we can move to my native country where i can give support to my 2nd daughter .
Or he can sell and we can live near to my elder nurse daughter in the same country.
Please lord let someting good happen before my both legs give away. I can hardly walk. And my glaucoma condition is also there. Let my 3 MRI SCANS to ear and neck come out normal result lord.
Please let my younger daughter come to this country where I am living to study or by marriage Lord if that is your wish lord.
I am crushed by everything she is doing lord.
Please cure the burning pain in both my knees spreading to my legs . Please protect my poor husband and let his cancer not spread and let my younger daughter see reality and get help for her situations .
Please send miracles to urgently help this family’s from destruction . Please let my daughter’s STOP fighting with each other and me and do what is the right thing as per your wish lord .
Thank you for all your favours to me and family my dear St Jude . Prayers to all in this circle. Amen