Dear blessed St Jude, please give me mental and physical strength to carry on with life . I feel so overwhelmed by my problems from all sides -and my own health
please reduce the potassium level in my body somehow lord.
please let the infection in the left side of my stomach area go away somehow
please protect me and my advanced cancer patient husband from coronavirus and all other health problems.
Please let me get over my depression and be able to do even the daily chores – i lost hope – please let my 2 daughters speak to me and come to my help. let them stop fighting each other.
please let the elder one be kind and come to our help-and live close to us or with us as per your wish lord
please let my younger daughter who is the main cause of my misery find her soul mate and get married and live well .
Please let my mri scans go well without mistakes and let my husband be able to accompany me to take the scans -let there be no allergies to the contrast dye
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the help and favours to me and my family – amen