Dear blessed St Jude please protect the high risk pregnancy of my daughter with gestational diabetes and the last foetus scan showing bloated stomach of foetus and feet measurement small which has put us all in distress.
Please let everything be normal with the 7th month foetus and let the stomach bloating go away and leg measurement become normal please.
Please give mental & physical strength to my daughter and let her insulin levels be under control and the foetus movements be stronger than the weak ones she is getting.
Please let her husband travel to native country to bring his mother to take care of the baby and my daughter and all go well peaceful and correctly within the 10 days leave he has got. Please remove all stress from my daughter and let her be relaxed and at peace. Please show her the path .to follow
Please bless their little old second hand car and let all go well with the vehicle.
Please keep them all safe and bless their home and remove all evil and bad things .
Thank you for all your favours to her and family my dear St Jude. Amen