Dear St Jude, please heal my husband after his surgery yesterday quickly and let him get back to normal health .
Please do not let his advanced cancer spread any further . please let his radiation start only after he is healed well .
please urgently come to my help with my middle ear infection and loss of hearing which is being going on for almost 3 months now after my covid infection thanks to the doctors not diagnosing the problem correctly and now with the tapping noise inside my ears its maddening.
please do not let it be anything serious lord and please cure it as soon as possible lord because i am my husband’s only carer and i need to be strong and healthy and we have very little money to spend on private doctors and expensive MRI scans which i pray and hope the ENT will not ask -but other similar Tinnitus suffering people say all these tests are necessary to rule out other underlying problems and proper diagnosis.
I have no private health insurance and so has to pay from my hand – please let the infection clear up somehow – i am buying some homeopathic medicine- i dont know if it works for this problme – please urgently come to my help lord – and cure my tinnitus problem and eustachian tube dysfunction –
Thank you for all the favours to me and my family – please let all in this circle and beyond find happiness- amen