Blessed St Jude please protect my nurse daughter and her 2nd pregnancy be without any problemsbecause of gestational diabetes termed ‘high risk’
and she has not taken Aspirin as advised by her midwife.
Please I plead you dear lord as her mom to protect my hard working honest loving idiotic naive daughter and 5 month foetus be protected by your mighty power.
Please let her get all the baby stuff she is trying to collect second hand pram and baby cots save money.
please let her be able to control her diet thru the dietician and let her sugar levels be under control always lord.
please let her husband cooperate with her needs and not stress her and cook when it’s his turn to cook make diabetes friendly food .and never buy food from outside.
Please let their first child be taken care of properly and let them come and live near my home and the child be able to go to a faith school and get the compassion and understanding she so needs for her correct mental development.
.Please bless their home from all danger and evil my lord . Thank you for all the favours to her and family my dear St Jude ..amen .