Blessed St Jude, please protect the second pregnancy of my daughter which is termed as ‘high risk’ and complicated due to gestational diabetes .
Please let her be careful in taking care of her health and realise the seriousness inspite of being a nurse she has bad unhealthy choice of food .
Please stop her craving for sweets and carbohydrates which is ruining her health and her huge job responsibilities and a hyper husband and hyper child -she is overloaded with responsibilities and is fed up . I pray to you lord to take care of her and give her confidence physical and mental.
Please let their old little car be safe and protect them with your blessings lord .
Please let her 5 yr old child be able to learn n grasp english and maths quickly and be equal with other children of her age in studies and her knee pain be alright and the white patches on her face go away lord.
Please let her husband agree for her to come to my side of the country and get work and home near my home lord please
Let her be able to renew her visa in time and let the authorities oblige her needs because she is due in December when the visa has to be renewd .Thank you for all the favours to her and family – I am ever grateful to you my dear St Jude – My prayers to all in this group to resolve all their problems through Jesus Christ our lord and saviour .thank you and amen