Blessed St Jude I remember and thank you everyday and whenever possible for all the favours given to me and my family.
Please protect my advanced cancer patient husband from further spreading of cancer to any other parts of body- please let his hernia surgery go smoothly without any complications and after effects. please give us both the mental and physical strength to go through these tough times. The only people who help us i.e. our neighbour has sold their home and will go away in 3 months and there is no one to help us lord.
Please let my nurse daughter and nurse son in law come to our help lord – we are desperate – we have just about enough money to live and same is their case.
please let them be able to come to our side of the country and live either with us or close to our home and we can help them with other things and save money for them – and they can help us with a lot of things lord -we have no car and they can be of help to us – I have glaucoma and knee osteo arthritis –
Please send your powerful miracles to make them come to our side and live and find work successfully in hospital near to our home and let their daughter be able to get admission in the faith school lord .
My son in law is reluctant to come lord – his friends are promising him something lord Please take care of my daughter’s second pregnancy and her gestational diabetes be controled by the new diet she is taking .Please let her be able to control all her bad eating habits for the sake of her 5 month old foetus and both their well being –
Please let her be able to breathe properly and do some exercise like walking and let the baby be of correct weight and be normal .
Her pregnancy is termed ‘high risk’ by her doctor and midwife and i am so worried and so is she – please calm her mind lord and bring her happiness somehow and give her the mental and physical strength lord – let all her obstacles go away and let her manager sanction leave for her if they cannot allow her to take food every 2 hours while working due to her high sugar levels . Let the occupation health department come to her rescue and help her with what is best suited for her lord and give her the leave to take care of her health .please let her husband cook the right food for her when its his turn to cook and be nice to her and be understanding her plight.
please let them realise the need to come together with us as soon as possible instead of ignoring us and leaving us to our plight when we desperately need them and them both with the baby arriving and cost of living so high now – please let them see sense lord -Thank you my dear St Jude, for all the favours to me and my family -amen