Dear blessed St Jude , please protect my advanced cancer patient husband and let his cancer not spread any further or cause him more damage in anyway.
Please give him and me courage, confidence and peace of mind to go through this ordeal.
Please dear St Jude, keep my glaucoma under control and the eye pressure normal. let the eye drops which i use currently continue to control the pressure lord.
Please let my younger daughter find her soul mate, marry and get a secure future and then only I can be free lord please I beg you for this to happen – please take this big heavy load from my head and shoulders – and let me live whatever is left of my life – please send your powerful miracles to let this happen somehow -please let her fall in love , marry and live a family life –
Let my husband think of the best choice we have regarding his house and let it happen if its selling or not selling whichever is best as per your wish lord happen Please let my nurse daughter and nurse husband and family come and live and work near us so that we both can be of help to each other – and they can put their daughter in a faith school which will be more sympathetic to her in everyway to her needs .Thank you St Jude for all the favours to us and family always given to us – I am iternally grateful to you -my prayers for all in the circle to find solutions to their needs through your prayers -amen