Blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to cure me of my asthma/breathlessness/shortness of breath which is wrecking my life now with no sleep and i have to somehow function because i am the sole carer for my advanced cancer patient husband who also has hernia and the pain is so acute now when he moves around -so we are in a very difficult position causing me lot of anxiety which is part of my breathing issues .
please please i beg you today my dear St Jude, to please cure me of this dreadful problem which started after I got coronavirus last week and is not gone .Please protect me and my poor 76 yr old husband and please send your powerful miracles to cure me of my asthma and the flem collection in my lungs somehow – thank you for all your favours my dear St Jude to me and my family – amen.