Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede urgently to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to stop my shortness of breath and secondary infection which is causing flem to form in my throat and give me panic attacks and suffocation -I was Covid positive till yesterday and to make sure will test again today.
Please take me off my steroids inhaler and another reliever please as soon as possible lord and let me sleep -i only get 3.5 hours of sleep and suffering – please bless me and help me send me your powerful miracles to get me out of this sickness lord which is making breathing taking full breath difficult , I have a family history of asthma and my brother died of asthma related complications. please come to my help urgently lord – please protect my advanced cancer patient husband from coronavirus and all other health problems especially the hernia pain which is troubling him so much.
Thank you for every favour given to me and my family , My prayers to all in this circle -may god show you a solution to all the problems -amen