Blessed St Jude, please protect my husband who has advanced cancer and is under treatment . please let his right hand function like before after his fall his hand has split and delayed treatment has made it worse -please help lord.
please let his hernia not cause him pain – because there is huge waiting to see a hernia doctor . Please let my husband be protected by you lord -please protect us both from coronavirus and all other health problems.
Please protect my eyes from further damage because of my glaucoma – let my right eye pressure come down to normal level with the new eye drops which is the final one because it is preservative free . The glaucoma specialist says If this new eye drop medicine does not bring the pressure down then surgery is required.
| am terrified of an eye surgery when i am caring for my cancer patient husband and he is dependent on me. Please come to my help my dear St Jude like always I have only you and my prayers to you to keep me going.
I thank you for all the favours to me and my husband and family . I pray for all in this circle and beyond thank you .