Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my nurse daughter and her 2nd pregnancy – please let her cheer up and be happy- she is poor has very little money and life is difficult and stressful for her- my husband thinks they have no money to have a 2nd child-
All of us are stressed when we should be happy.
She had gestational diabetes for her 1st pregnancy and was in very bad health – please let her mother in law come to this country to help her out lord –
My husband, her step father has cancer and i have to be with him.
Please let everything sort out well and to her favour –
Please calm her and give her courage .
Please let her do tomorrow’s job interview very well and get the job for a hospital near to my home and it will be easier for her with being pregnant and with so many health issues. Please protect her please send your powerful miracles lord to keep her safe throughout her pregnancy. She has to stand and work for 12- 16 hours sometimes depending on the case . Please let her be able to answer all the interview questions lord and get the job which will upgrade her and increase her salary.
Please I plead today my dear St Jude, please come to her help – Thank you St Jude, for all the favours to her and family. Thank you all at the shrine who pray for all unconditionally – I pray for all in this circle and beyond for their problems to get solved by lord – amen