Thank you for all your favours to my nurse daughter n family.
Please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to bring down her sugar / insulin level and get help to reverse her diabetes with the help of the expert who had helped her twice to get it under control
Please let her be able to have the strength to control her urges and cravings.and not touch any form of sugar.
Please calm her anxiety and bring peace to her somehow .
Please send your powerful miracles to to bring her health back to normal , remove her depression and all her other health issues like gangilion cyst, painful bunions on feet , severe scars caused by mask allergy which has scarred her face and led to over eating depression and now a Torn Knee. Please let her husband learn to be nice to her.and kind and supportive.
Please bless her , family and home.
Please let the health expert respond to her or my requests for help to treat her .
currently he is not responding .
Guide us lord to the right save her health .and not put on medicine .
Thank you for all the favours to her and family. amen
I pray for all in the circle and beyond.