Dear blessed St Jude please let my Nurse daughter do her job interview from a hospital near my home , for a higher level job be successful and please let her be able to come near me and of mutual help lord.
We desperately need help from my daughter my husband diagnosed with Cancer
Please cure my nurse daughter’s Torn Knee problem as quickly as possible because.her job depends on it.
Please give her the courage, confidence, physical and mental strength to deal with her health issues.and too many issues and heavily over burdened by her stressful job and at home also.
Please cure her Gangilion cysts in her wrist, painful bunions on feet, Diabetes please let her sugar level become normal
Please heal her and her anxiety go away lord.
Please let her husband cooperate with her and be nice to her.and help her overcome this health crisis and depression she is having…
Thank you for all the favours to her and family my dear St Jude . amen
.prsyers for all in this circle.