Dear blessed St Jude, please protect and guide my younger daughter who is controlled by her friends and bring her back to family. Please show her and us the right path to peace and harmony and success. Please let her get back her faith in god and belief in the power of prayers and be healthy, confident and successful.
Please let her be able to do her 2 surgeries dental and cyst removal and let there be no infection to both the areas lord – please keep her safe from coronavirus and all other health problems –
please let her father be able to correct the mistakes caused by him which has made her like this –
please let the sisters stop fighting each other and be friends .
this problem is so complicated and going on for so long now that i have realised it is out of my hands especially when i am stuck outside in a different country and she is all alone in the native country – please lord i am leaving her in your hands to be corrected and protected and guided in the right path- please help me -please stop all her enemies at the apartment and others from attacking her with your mighty power- please let her find her soul mate a good man, marry, love and have family with him . Please send your powerful miracles to wipe away her miserable past and let her move ahead with courage and take steps towards creating her own life, family – i am stuck in another country because her step father is very ill – Thank you for all your favours to her over the years – amen