Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect, guide my younger daughter in her troubled filled rudderless life with no one to help or guide her into some stable future.
Please let her get peace of mind and happiness .
Please let her find her soul mate who can fund her, marry her, have family, love her unconditionally.
Please Let her stop making mistakes, stop being impulsive, control her anger, and stop calling men friends into our apartment which is troubling the neighbour and they are harassing her in different ways to make her stop bringing her men friends who visit her.
She says they are her only family…and nothing else.
Please let her stop all her bad addictive habits if any ..and Please keep away all her bad friends never to come back .
Please urgently stop the apartment owners association members stop all actions against her and be nice and sympathetic to her.
Please Protect her from coronavirus.and all other health problems .
please let STOP fighting with Me and her sister please. I cannot bear the pain anymore.
Please let her come abroad to the country where me n her sister is living.
if only that’s your wish for her.
Please let her be able to do something about her 2 surgeries which she has to prioritise .and do ..
Please send your powerful miracles to change her mind regarding marriage and let her find her soul mate please.
so that i can live in peace.
Please protect her from coronavirus.and all other health problem.
Thank You my dear St Judefor everything given to her ..