Blessed St Jude, please guide and protect my naive younger daughter from all the dangers which she does not even realise rising up against her from the apartment owners association and the vicious caretaker who all are against her for inviting men to the apartment .She says they are her only family and nothing more – she lives in a 3rd world country and the men are arrogant hypocrites and dangerous. please lord stop their attacks on her with your mighty power lord .
Please let her see reality and adjust to live there in a society respecting the rules -please let her get married lord –
please send your powerful miracles to help her find her soul mate, marry , love and have family please please lord – give me some peace of mind – and sanity.
Please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems -please let her be able to take care of her health issues and the 2 surgeries she has to do -please let her take help from my niece and get the surgeries done -she has no family with her lord – we are out of the native country and she is all alone – let her take up the appointment with the ortho doctor to review her shoulder condition after her bike accident –
Please protect her when she is driving her scooter and always ..
please let her stop all her bad habits and bad friends at once lord – please let her get back her belief in God and the power of prayers which she lost long back when her parents seperated and got married to others and all left her – let her forget her miserable past lord – please let her fall in love lord with someone who loves her and give her the happiness she so deserves .-please let me and my family be forgiven if ever we have knowingly or unknowingly hurt anyone.
Thank you St Jude, for all your help and favours to her –and keeping my sanity — amen