Dear blessed St Jude, please straighten my younger daughter somehow and let her follow into your path please – the residents in my apartment in my native country where she is living is complaining about her for inviting men into her apartment – they are so narrow and backward and also my eternal enemy the caretaker also poisoning everyone against my daughter saying she is into all kind of bad activities.
When questioned by me my daughter who is a professional and also who is working from home now online -says they are just friends and they are my family since me and her sister her only family left her and is in another country and dont look after her anymore – but the association in the apartment says a single lady cannot invite men everyday other day in her home – it is families who live there and they do not like it – my daughter who is coming from a very broken family is very emotionaly insecure says the men friends are her only comfort. She has 2 surgeries coming up and one of them is a cyst removal in her private part so she is incapable of the kind of sex life which the apartment owners are suspecting – my daughter is a very weak frail girl and she is very emotionally needy that is all – she is being tormented by these animals lord- please protect her – i cannot travel and be with her because me and my husband her step dad 75yrs and vulnerable cannot travel –
Please lord send your powerful miracles to save my daughter from all the attacks from the association hypocrite chauvenistic men and especially from the cobra venom caretaker who drove me away from the apartment to a second marriage and away from my daughter- nobody accepts anything less than a married family perfect people. our family is a broken up family lord and imperfect –
Please lord let your mighty power bring some sympathy towards my daughter’s plight and bring some understanding in having to bring her friends in – to be with them – please let her have the common sense to introduce them to these people so that the suspicions on her will go away – please let the girl’s ego not stand in between all these issues –
Please let her meet her soul mate and marry and have a family lord
please let all her evil friends go away and not disturb her lord.
please let the caretaker leave the job and go away -because he has been attacking me and now my daughter and all the men side with him because he knows all the work in the building.
please give us a solution to this matter as soon as possible and let it not get out of hand and end diplomatically and not end in fight –
Please stop my neighbour from parking wrongly into my car parking and creating problems –my daughters friends are being harrassed she says which i also believe – please put an end to it lord – please let it be good friends and not her evil friends-
she is very dependent on them for help – and support –
Please let her fall in love and get away from these friends dependency and lead her own life independent of any crutches of friends –
Please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems lord – please let her be safe when she goes to another state to report to her office – please let her job not get effected lord in anyway – please let the flat owners have sympathy for her and let her also change and understand them and their view — thank you my dear St Jude for all your support and help to her and to me – always grateful to you – amen