Dear blessed St Jude, please be with us and bless us tomorrow when we go for my interview with the immigration department representatives . Please let all my documents be there and uploaded and let there be no problem -and let everything go smoothly and on time and no obstacles on the way or any such problems . Please let all the stress go away from both of us and let us relax and let the visa process for my permanent resident visa be successful with your blessings. Please protect us from Coronavirus and all other health problems when we travel in public transport bus and trams. Please keep us both safe lord because we both are vulnerable with health conditions and my husband is a senior citizen .
I thank you for all the favours given to me and keeping me sane and protected -I am ever grateful to you for everything given to me, my husband and my family.
Please bless us and continue to protect us from all evil and dangers. Thank you to all at the shrine for your prayers to us and all others ..may god bless you . I pray for all in this circle to get your problems solved – amen