Blessed St Jude, please help to resolve the fight and hatred my younger daughter has for me. Please let her be able to control her anger somehow and get some good friends and some correct guidance in her life from you lord – please send your powerful miracles to save her from self destruction and wasting away her life. please let her be able to prioritise things in her life and get her surgeries done as soon as possible with the help of my relatives if needed.
Please help her lord -she is keeping me her mother out of her life thanks to the distorted poisoned version of my divorce with her father. please let her see common sense , reality of her life situation and understand me and my situation and limitations .I have offered to take her out of the native country to the country where me and her sister is living now for Master’s degree. She had a big verbal fight with me and has cut off from us now and not responding . Please help us to find a solution for this big huge problem i.e. my younger daughter and heal all her mental wounds coming from a divorced broken up no money family. She is all alone and in turmoil because of her addictive habits ,wrong friends and evil friends surrounding and dragging her into doing all the wrong things. Please let all her evil friends /relatives near her disappear from her life permanently and let only the good ones who will guide her into doing the right things remain in her life – Please protect her with your mighty power my lord. please send your powerful miracles to reunite our family and let the lost love come back and also let her know the power of God and prayers and please let miracles happen for her lord -let a good man her soul mate come into her life and marry and start family lord please . I am leaving her in your hands only you can make the change in her habits and character. Please protect her from all accidents and danger and evil people n things.

I thank you for all the favours to her – eternally grateful – I pray for all in the circle – may god heal n protect all.