Dear blessed St Jude, please bless us on our special day today and let me thank you for all the favours and blessings given to me and my family for years and kept me alive .
Prayers to you give me hope and take me out of my despair and writing to you with the huge problems faced by me throughout my single parent life and till now –with my daughter’s ..thank you for everything —
Please help me urgently with my visa extension permanent resident visa application to this country which is currently facing some problems getting a slot for an interview appointment with the immigration representatives ..the immigration lawyer we are paying is not very efficient and we had some problem with her yesterday because she is not focused on my application and i reacted and then she is acting cold putting us further into distress – please send your powerful miracles to help us through this critical situation and let us have some peace of mind –my poor 75yr old husband is under severe stress because of the money involved and with coronavirus issues and health appointments not being done.
Please protect us both from coronavirus and all other health problems lord
please bless our homes from all evil and bad things -please let us get some money from somewhere let my lottery ticket win lord it will be a win for all not just me- let my daughter and family come and live close to my house lord -let them rent a home near my area – and not go where their friends are living – thank you for everything my dear St Jude I am eternally grateful to you – May god bless in this circle and beyond and resolve their problems – amen