Dear blessed St Jude, I thank you for all the favours given to me and my husband and family.
Please let my immigration lawyer get a slot for me to upload my application to the immigration office to get an interview with them to process my Permanent Resident visa which is so important and urgent because my visa to this country will expire within weeks
Please help me out lord urgently or me and my poor 75yr old husband who is also vulnerable with underlying health condition will be in trouble and again more payment of money and lot more added stress which is crushing us .
Please send your powerful miracles to get me a slot urgently and let everything go as per as your wish lord and let there be no mistakes my dear St Jude we just cannot afford any more of this immigration torture going on for years now. Please help us please . I plead with you to show my lawyer the right way to choose tomorrow which will bring us a successful result to my permanent residence visa application .
Lord I have sent money to St Jude church in our native country through friend .
thank you for everything my dear St Jude – eternally grateful to you – my one and only relief and happiness and peace is my prayers to you and the firm belief it will be answered keeps me alive lord -thanks to all at the shrine who pray for us -may god keep you all safe and happy n healthy .amen