St. Jude please bring him back to me. We are so good together. St. Jude, you know he was quite cruel to me for no reason. Please let him see how cruel he was and that I deserve an apology. Thank you. I also need him to realize he played so many games with me and really broke my heart 100 times and that whatever he wanted to know he should have asked. I meant none of what I said to those people and he needs to know that they are not his friends and are quite jealous. Please let him realize that one in particular is very jealous, a blabbermouth, a very nosy man who is in every one’s business. St. Jude destroy the gossip that was spread and let him see what I already know. Please keep him away from him and let him see that he’s a jealous, wicked man who is angry that he was rejected. Let me find out what I need to know today. Thank you.