My dear blessed St Jude please bless me my husband and the immigration lawyer when applying and uploading my papers and getting me an appointment for interview with the Home office representatives.
Please let me get the best time and let there be no mistakes or errors in the paperwork and let them grant me a Permanent Resident status in this country .
My 75 yr old husband and me are under severe stress and on the verge of collapse with the entire process which is so tough and to top it with other family problems .
Please let everything go smoothly lord.
Please remove all obstacles in front of us for this Visa process and bless us both with good health and happiness.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all for the continued support help abd blessings to me , my husband and family.
Please protect us both especially when we go out and always from Coronavirus and all other health problems .
please let all in this prayer circle and beyond find solutions for their problems.
Please bless the people who pray for all of us at your shrine for their unconditional love and prayers.