Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to save my younger daughter from her addictions, evil friends who destroy her, and her own dreadful past humiliations, cheating and miseries from a broken no money single parent family please let her forget every bad thing and start a new life -please give her a second chance through a good man coming into her life and giving her the love she has never had from anywhere please let your powerful miracles work on her lord to save her from self destruction and all other weaknesses -she is all alone with no family in a third world country with mysogenist and hypocrite men in my apartment association gunning for her, it is very hard and humiliating and you are under suspicion all the time all your actions watched in the apartment she lives – no one wants single people in the apartment complex and she is in danger of being thrown out now that they have put cctv all around.
Dear St Jude I want to take her out of the apartment before they find fault with her and she with her short temper fight with them and escalate -please let her go to my sisters or niece house where there is always prayers for the lord going on and let her come in the path of the lord and start her lost belief in God and prayers. Please let these miracles happen lord – I know its too much to ask but then we are good people and all this disastrous life should have never happened to good people like us lord for no fault of ours.
Please let all her obstacles go away which is blocking her success like her evil friends, relatives and addictive habits all go away in front of your mighty power lord . Please surround her with good people lord and let her be able to go through her English language test and then her 2 surgeries one a complicated wisdom tooth removal and a cyst removal – please let her take the help of my niece who does everything correctly instead of my daughter’s haphazard ways.
Please help to straighten her out and let her focus on rescuing herself from the state , the country and get admission in the free university (without tuition fees please – i have money only for accomodation )abroad for her engineering masters -let all the decisions be only as per your wishes for her lord and let there be no mistakes lord because i will be using all my savings for her masters abroad.
Please let her soul mate come into her life – that will also straighten her and calm her nerves. Let her be able to select a masters course which will be affordable to my financial situation, which she will enjoy and get job, Permanent residence, and money to live, let her find the right University and let her get the right agency to do her processing at the earliest lord and let the visa processing be successful – Thank you my dear St Jude for all your help and favours and keeping my sanity in these very tough times for me and my daughter . Please bring peace to all in the circle and beyond -Thank to all at the shrine for everything they do to make this world better place to live .may god bless them and keep them safe – amen