Blessed St Jude Please Protect my younger daughter from all the hypocrite men in my apartment buikding where she is living..
Please help urgently in finding the right course for her..and to take her out of the apartment which is now dangerous for her..with the men putting cctv and gathering evidence against her and her friends ..The people living there are middle class only families and she is the only single person living there calling friends over its never appreciated.
the beer bottles and 1 cigarette packet which was kept outside our apartment was exaggerated and photographed and shown in the apartment group using extreme bad words.
I realise which my daughter does not they want her out of the building..
Please Let her And the agency find the right Masters course for her in the right country for the right amount of money..which we can afford which is the reason for the delay. let her take the 2nd vaccine and finish her surgeries
Please let her finish her IELTS course .successfully with top scores please.
please calm her mind heal her wounds and let her forget all her disturbing miserable past.
please let her stop all her addictive habits and evil friends stop contacting her and let her get good genuine people around her.
Let my niece call my daughter to her home and help her lord and let my sister not sabotage the plans .
Please send your powerful miracles to save her lord please send someone to save her from making mistakes ..Her sister and me are in another country and she is all alone.
please let her meet a good man her soul mate marry and settle down.
I beg you to resolve this big issue of my younger daughter which is killing me every second depriving me of sleep .and my health .
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her ..amen