Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ to remove the intense acute stress and confusion me, my daughter and the agency is experiencing regarding the master’s course selection to study in a European country for my younger daughter . The problem is lack of money – we have to find a course which is low cost and suits my daughter’s interest- Please I need urgent help and a miracle to sort out my younger daughter problems lord – Please intercede urgently and bring a solution my dear St Jude. Please let her not do anything wrong to get this money and do not let her do anything illegal also or get into any kind of trap to arrange for this study money – we want her to try for a German open university course which is free and she has good marks to apply — but she wants a course in Sweden which has fees but if she gets scholarship then it will be 70 percent free and the rest we will somehow will arrange the money –the its a 2 yrs course and it will be great if she can get it lord – Sweden is the best place for her field of engg course – please let her get a scholarship lord — I feel so helpless – and dont know what to do other than write to the shrine to get some mental relief – Please send your powerful miracles to help my younger daughter to get out that dangerous place she is in now for her and get her out of the country to a safe and apt country for her studies lord – please need your help desperately and urgently lord – please let your mighty power protect against all the owners association members who are out to trap her and get proof against her and her friends through cctv cameras etc – please let them not keep cctv camera facing our apartment bedroom and tiny balcony she sits to get some air — she is all alone without family lord — please let all her evil friends stop coming to my apartment and let her be mentally and emotionally strong – to say no to all her bad habits and see through all her friends for what they are and how manipulative they are – please let a good man , her soul mate come into her life with your blessings and remove all the negativity in her and give her calmness and happiness lord please – she is a nice girl and please let her be able to defeat all her demons and come out strong and in your way and believe in prayers and God .
thank you my dear St Jude – for everything given to her – amen